Together we can help you thrive through building fluid diverse teams, with people who are passionate about your sector and bring the experience you are looking for right now

  • Are you trying to solve a complex finance problem, and could do with an experienced expert from a top tier bank to spend a couple of days on it?
  • Maybe you are a 10 person team and need someone who can bring relevant expertise part-time to take the load off you while you do your next funding round.
  • Or, have you been thinking about improving your marketing and need someone to come in and help get you started?

We know how much time it takes to find someone the traditional way, we also know how expensive it is to hire reliable and experienced professionals full time.

We are a trusted partner for start-ups and small to medium sized businesses, offering you speedy access to people who understand your vision, appreciate what you are doing and are ready to add value to your team.



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