Why you don’t need recruiters when growing your FinTech business
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We connect fintechs and startups with business talent, in a dynamic way

What we do?

Have you been avoiding recruiters? yes we’re talking about that ’We are Hiring’ on your LinkedIn.

We know that hefty upfront fees and inability to verify individuals within your sector is a massive barrier for you. That's why we provide an end-to-end, easy to use platform tailored to UK fintech and startups to book self-employed business talent nationwide.

Search based on skills, budget and timeline, this way, you know that someone has the exact experience and fit you’re looking for. (No more sifting through piles of CVs or broadcasting to your network that you need a rockstar sales lead).

Ratings and reviews from other startups give you assurance. You can ask questions or go ahead and book within the platform. We'll help you make regular payments as work gets completed, keeping your cashflow strong. Whether it be for half a day, 6 months, or twice a week for 3 months, You've Got This!

How much does it cost?

We apply a service charge of 15% on the total cost of your project, paid by the startup. We are currently running an introductory offer rate of 10% on bookings made before September. There is currently no charge for professionals to use the platform to find work.

10% service charge
introductory offer

How do I get started?

Startups sign up and start searching and get matched in minutes. Professionals, build a profile here and be discovered.

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