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We connect fintechs and startups with business talent, in a dynamic way

What do we do?

Have you been avoiding recruiters? yes we’re talking about that ’We are Hiring’ on your LinkedIn.

Have you been thinking about hiring, (but don't need them full-time)? Hefty upfront recruiter fees and economic uncertainty are massive barriers right now.

We're catering to the new norm.

Our simple self-service tool enables you to build a dynamic team as the business grows.

How does it work?

Start searching for free and get matched in minutes.

Browse profiles and create your own shortlist. This way, you get the experience you’re looking for. (No more sifting through CVs or broadcasting that you need a rockstar sales lead.)

Read reviews, ask questions or just go ahead and book.

We'll help you make payments as work gets done, keeping your cashflow strong.

How much does it cost?

We apply a service charge on the cost of the project, paid by the hiring business. Right now it's 10% for bookings made before September, down from our usual 15%.

We don't charge professionals to use the platform to get work.

10% service charge
introductory offer

How do I get started?

Looking for your first CFO or someone to head up Sales?

Try it yourself now. Whether it's half a day or 6 months, three days a week for 3 months, or taking them on perm.

Professionals. No more applications, register here and start being discovered.

Why you don’t need recruiters when growing your FinTech business
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Read the Report

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