Our Team

My role involves setting the vision for the platform, building the team and understanding how we can create value for our customers.

I've worked across the world’s major financial centres; New York, Singapore, Geneva and London. I have created new investment products, launched a digital banking platform and worked with early and growth stage companies developing pilots and partnerships. In 2018, I was named as TIE London Entrepreneur of the Year, Highly Commended at the London & Asian Business Awards; and a finalist at the Women in Finance and Women in Investment Awards 2019.

I founded You've Got This, off the back of the gig economy boom and the desire to fulfill people's potential by providing portfolio careers. I'm excited to be building a business based on my values of owning your own career path and creating financial empowerment through work.

My role at You've Got This! involves building out the concept of the product we are offering, ensuring we are competitive in the market and commercially viable.

Prior to this I started my career working for Unilever in supply chain, dealing with the daily complexities of supply within a global FMCG. I then moved into product at Thomas Cook Money on a Mastercard Prepaid cash card. The varied responsibilities of working within product made me realise this is where I flourish.

My journey with Sujata started when we met at a Payments conference where she was speaking. We met in the ladies bathrooms, fast forward a few months and now we are working together, networking at its finest!

As CTO for You've Got This! I am tasked with ensuring we build and utilise the best technology possible to support our skilled community and to match them with the companies that have a skills shortfall.

Alongside my advisor role, I am also CTO at Driven Worldwide (a chauffeur drive provider to global financial services). My career really started when I was 8 years old, when I started learning to code. While I have progressed to CTO, I still like to code and keep my skills fresh.

Sujata and I met during a mentoring event for teens in AI in 2019, when the idea for the business was just being formed. I loved the concept of how the future of work and people's priorities would change over the coming years.

My role involves getting the word out about our mission and connecting with partners.

Over the last few months, I've been speaking to customers to find out how they are looking to grow and get their thoughts on the platform. We use these insights to make continuous improvements to our platform and service.

Sujata and I met in 2018 at an Artificial Intelligence roundtable that I was organising. Prior to this, I worked at a B2B events company tailored to Fintech.

I'm excited by the potential of You've Got This to speed up and simplify job finding and enable startups to build and grow with flexible teams.

I'm responsible for enabling startups to make best use of the platform and build diverse teams, while enabling amazing professionals to create the careers they aspire to.

I'm an experienced talent professional with 10 years' experience partnering with both UK and Global companies within Digital Talent, HR and Career Development.

I met part of the You've Got This team at a Women in Tech networking event in 2019. Think of us as a dating app, but rather than matching love we match amazing talent who will drive your business forward.