Our Team

Our vision at You've Got This is to make flexible professional work as easy as Uber, and help early stage startups get the mission aligned expertise they need. Prior to this, I worked in banking where I built products and services and launched them in international markets.

The way we work is changing. 50% of the workforce are expected to be full-time or part-time self-employed by 2025. That means we need new platforms and tools to help us build and manage our careers.

At the same time, the cost of a wrong hire can be fatal for startups. As a CEO, I know that surrounding yourself with the right team is key to the success of your business.

We're giving you access to highly qualified, experienced local team members, anytime and on any device, available for project or part-time work, without the huge agency price tag, and help keep track of spend.

Head of Business Development and look after all client and candidate needs. I've spent 10 years in Recruitment and Business Development and have previously co-founded a EdTech start-up, which matched teachers to schools, many factors of which are directly transferable to my role here.

Connecting with Sujata instantly sparked my excitement, as I believe there's an absolute need for a platform like this.

Having been on the hiring side, I know how key the right talent is for the success of your early stage business. Being in a start-up you're not always in a position to make a permanent full-time hire, but that doesn't mean you can't access the skills that you need. When keeping as lean as possible and spinning multiple plates, time is of the essence, so the ability to quickly find and connect with talent who are actively interested in mission driven businesses is invaluable!

Since the pandemic, flexible and freelance work has become hotter than ever. The gig economy is booming right now with so many people finding a better work/life balance and utilising their skills in a side-hustle, this makes for a really exciting time for us to facilitate matches between talent and business.

If you're looking for flexible talent I'd love to have a conversation. You can book a call with me here!

As CTO for You've Got This! I am tasked with ensuring we build and utilise the best technology possible to support our skilled community and to match them with the companies that have a skills shortfall.

Alongside my advisor role, I am also CTO at Driven Worldwide (a chauffeur drive provider to global financial services). My career really started when I was 8 years old, when I started learning to code. While I have progressed to CTO, I still like to code and keep my skills fresh.

Sujata and I met during a mentoring event for teens in AI in 2019, when the idea for the business was just being formed. I loved the concept of how the future of work and people's priorities would change over the coming years.

I'm responsible for enabling startups to make best use of the platform and build diverse teams, while enabling amazing professionals to create the careers they aspire to.

I'm an experienced talent professional with 10 years' experience partnering with both UK and Global companies within Digital Talent, HR and Career Development.

I met part of the You've Got This team at a Women in Tech networking event in 2019. Think of us as a dating app, but rather than matching love we match amazing talent who will drive your business forward.