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Angel Investment Network #SixtySecondStartup

Our founder, Sujata, is featured in this month's Sixty Second Startup article by Angel Investment Network. Read about why Sujata started You've Got This, what we do, and why there is great growth potential in the sector.

10th May 2021 - Sujata Rastogi
3 min read

Reigniting The Spark in Your Career

Have you lost the love for your career? Before deciding to make a career change, here are some steps you can take.

5th May 2021 - Kamala Middleton
Femme Palette
3 min read

You've Got This, How to Start a New Business

After experiencing 2020 as a year of contemplation and retrospection, we’ve decided to dial things up a notch and make life more action-driven for 2021. This year, we launch our ‘New You’ series. It’s a chance to potentially embark upon exciting, novel adventures. You know - the ones that..

4th January 2021 - Brooke Tully
Edible Health
6 min read

Why the world is crying out for women in tech

The stats are not promising when looking at women in tech within the UK. Last year it was revealed that women only make...

16th September 2020 - Sujata Rastogi
Startups Magazine
2 min read

Building diverse teams through flexibility, innovation, and a rejection of the 9-5

The world of work has been changing for some time, but this is exacerbated by the risks and challenges..

18th August 2020 - Sujata Rastogi
FinTech Alliance
2 min read

Adapting business models during Covid-19

Tech matching platform You’ve Got This! share how they changed their business model to adapt to Covid-19 as featured in Startacus.

30th April 2020 - Sujata R. and Sophie G.
7 min read