You've Got This is an end to end solution to your dynamic workforce requirements. We enable businesses to search, match and book self-employed business professionals directly for flexible project work.

Our algorithms are designed to recommend you the best matches based on the skills, budget and timeline you are working to. Once you find your match you can ask questions or go ahead and make a booking, starting from half a day to 6 months.

We are London based. Our customers are UK fintechs, startups and fast growing small to medium size businesses. We enable location-based matching so that businesses can access talent with local market knowledge. Right now, most projects are offered remotely.

Operational and financial support typically done by a Chief Financial Officer, a People Officer and a Chief Risk Officer. We also help you to find people for data analytics, business development, sales, project management, book-keeping and financial planning.

Our customers save money by outsourcing roles that aren't required full time or permanently, so we enable you to book a professional from half a day to 6 months.

Professionals are typically experienced individuals who have worked with startups, financial institutions, tech companies and professional services firms. They could be a freelancer, self-employed, or a company or other legal entity which provides the services of individuals, which is registered with us as available for the provision of business services.

The term professional does not assume any level of qualification. Since we are a marketplace platform, we cannot guarantee the experience and suitability of our users. While we enable businesses to access reviews and ratings where they have been given, customers may wish to request copies of certifications or conduct checks to evidence suitability.

Booking is easy! Sign up with your business email, company information. Search with the skills you need, desired budget and timeline and view your matches.

Many of our professionals are available from 3 to 7 days notice. We can't guarantee we'll match you, but don't charge you for searching.

Once you are happy to go ahead, book them within the platform, and once work is done, we'll help you to sign-off on worklogs, invoicing and make a payment.

We know you may be in stealth mode, developing something that you don't want to share widely right now. Our standard Terms and Conditions includes keeping all confidential information top secret.

As a business you may wish to provide your own non disclosure agreement.

We also require professionals to declare any potential conflicts of interest and not take on work that would contravene this.

Sometimes it happens. In the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with the project, we will investigate the matter and if it seems reasonable to us, we may return the service charge and or the project payment. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible before the end of the project completion where possible. Further details of our dispute resolution process are set out in our Terms and Conditions.

We are a cashless platform. Following completion of a project or at agreed intervals, your professional will generate a work log for your approval. Once approved, the professional will raise a request for payment and invoice through the platform. VAT and any agreed-upon expenses are also included in your invoice.

You've Got This! operates a software-based service matching skills to requirements. We are not an intermediary for the purposes of the IR35 legislation nor do the services we provide make it a managed service company.

Hiring businesses and professionals may be interested as to whether the IR35 and managed service company rules apply to them and their arrangements, whereby larger companies which engage the services of individuals by contracting with personal service companies could be required to deduct PAYE and NI from the payments they make.

HMRC provides useful advice on its website, for example at www.gov.uk/topic/business-tax/ir35. It also provides a questionnaire which can be used to help determine how they will view and specific relationship, which can be found here www.gov.uk/guidance/check-employment-status-for-tax. Changes to the off-payroll rules were due to come into effect on 6 April 2020. This has now been delayed until April 2021.