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Want To Move From Corporate To FinTech Startup? Everything You Should Know

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Published - 24th July 2020. This article is a 5 min read

Want to make the move from corporate to FinTech startup? Here’s how the culture might differ from what you’re used to.

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UK FinTechs attracted approximately £38 billion in funding in 2019, reaching a six-year high. The industry is showing no signs of slowing down; could your next role be at a FinTech?

Not all FinTech founders have a financial services background, so bringing your expertise is valuable. If you’re looking to boost your income or diversify your experience, taking on a project or flexible work with a FinTech could be for you.

I’m not sure about you, but when we think of FinTech startups we picture shared office space, free fruit and a ping pong table.

With more and more successful FinTech companies on the scene, it isn’t just a different office setting that industry professionals will be adjusting to, but the organisational culture as a whole.

FinTech founders are passionate, driven entrepreneurs. They’ve taken a risk to pursue their dream, and they need people who understand that dream and want to work towards it just as much as they do.

As a professional coming from a corporate and thinking about working in a FinTech startup for the first time, you might be a little apprehensive. You might be wondering, do I know enough about the FinTech space? Will I fit the culture? How do I know which ones fit my experience?

What you need to know about FinTech startups and the culture

Based on some great chats that we’ve had with FinTech founders, key differences include willingness to experiment and importantly, being open to fail, learn and pivot from it.

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It would be great if I could verify someone within the sector for example if I could see a review from another FinTech.

CMO, UK FinTech

Customer focus is at the key of FinTech culture, that’s one reason that they’ve been so successful. They’ve exceeded expectations by getting close to customers and understanding their needs.

Startups build incrementally on product features which enables them to get to market at a faster rate. With less people, decisions can be taken faster too.

Early stage startup culture is often “all hands on deck”. One day you’ll be using your accounting skills to help with finances, the next you’ll be making suggestions on product design. Ready to shake things up?

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How to get started in FinTech

Until recently, conferences were one of the best places to network and meet people working in FinTech. However recently, many conferences have been cancelled or moved online. You may have mutual friends to connect you. LinkedIn is usually a good place to find people, but how do you go about showcasing your fit?

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Author - Kamala Middleton

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